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You may be wondering what the Faith and Fellowship Book Festival is. That's understandable because there aren't many book festivals out there featuring Christian books and authors. If you'd like to know how this all came about, read our history here. First of all, we'll tell you what a book festival is not.

a writers' conference. There may be writing workshops or questions about the writing process, but the focus is on books and authors. Some attendees may be writers, but all attendees are readers.

A book festival is different from a book fair. Book fairs are typically massive bookshops, a place to purchase books. You may purchase books at our festival (and we hope you do!) but a festival goes farther. A festival is interactive. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the authors and learn more about the books from those who created them. This allows readers to make informed choices about the books they'll buy.

Our Book Festival is...

a place to meet new authors and hear about the inspiration behind their books. A place to hear the most-well read Christian authors in the market today talk about their writing journey and what inspires them. A place where you can ask questions and meet new book lovers. A place where you can purchase books for yourself and for gifts in a manner that supports the authors.

Our festival is a great place to learn about the very best books out there. That's why we sponsor the Angel Book Awards. The awards are presented live at the end of the festival.

Our festival is non-profit. Our aim is to connect readers with Christian authors and books they might not know about otherwise. The festival committee receives no compensation. We are authors too and we have a heart for connecting readers and authors. We want to celebrate the work these authors have done and the way they've followed through with what God put on their hearts. We hope you'll want to celebrate that too, and join us!


A Book Festival is not...

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