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Wed. Nov 2

6-7pm: Speaker Patricia Raybon

7:10-8pm: Panel: Love Stories. Joy Massenburge, Moderator. Authors: Sandra Merville Hart, Carolyn Miller, Paula Peckham, Tara Taffera, R. F. Whong.

7:30-8:10pm: Panel: Life Lessons. Moderator Zac Brown. Authors: Rosemarie Downer, Denise Ann Goosby, R. C. Littleton, Leslie L. McKee, Johnny McWilliams, Beth Praed.

Thurs. Nov 3

6-7pm: Speaker Tim Bowers

7:10-8pm: Panel: Stories of the Past. Tracey Lyons, Moderator. Authors: Crystal Caudill, Sarah Hanks, Izzy James, Lynn Tagawa, Becky Van Vleet, Kathy Webster.

7:30-8:10pm: Panel: God Speaks. Susan Campbell, Moderator. Authors: D. Greg Ebie, Daniel M. Jason, Tracie Morrison, Betty A. Rodgers-Kulich.

Fri. Nov. 4

6-7pm: Speaker Susan Meissner

7:10-8pm: Panel: Stories for Today. Rebecca Waters, Moderator. Authors: Liana George, B. D. Lawrence, Chris Posti, Linda Wood Rondeau, Christina Sinisi.

7:20-8:00pm. Panel: Voices of the Future (YA). Bettie Boswell, Moderator. Authors: JPC Allen, Angela D. Shelton, Marie Sontag.

8:10pm: Announcement of the Angel Book Awards!


All times are US Eastern

Wednesday Nov. 1 


6-7pm Featured Speaker: Jaime Jo Wright 

Jaime Jo Wright is a coffee-fueled and cat-fancier extraordinaire who resides in Wisconsin's rural woodlands. Her literary vocation involves penning chilling Gothic tales, with a strong preference to the master of dark, Edgar Allan Poe. Jaime's books will keep you on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns that will leave you breathless. She is a multi-award-winning author, with numerous bestsellers under her belt.


7:05-7:50pm Stories From the Past Panel—Carrie Schmidt, moderator

A Battle Worth Fighting by Sarah Hanks

The Widow’s Cloak by Lynne Basham Tagawa

Loving Lydia by Susan Pope Sloan

Song of the Shepherd Woman by Carlene Havel

A Not So Persistent Suitor by Sandra Merville Hart


7:50-8:30pm Whodunit? Panel—Leslie Sherrod, moderator

Muffalettas and Murder by Jann Franklin

Offsides by Lori Z. Scott

Grave Secrets by Elle E. Kay

Ne'er The Twain Shall Meet By Carole Brown








Thursday November 2   


6-7pm Featured Speaker: Michelle Medlock Adams: The Wind is At Work. In this inspirational and humorous talk, Michelle shares details of her writing journey relating to the story of Noah's Ark, and encourages writers to keep their eyes on God and trust that He is at work behind the scenes—just like the wind. It's a boat ride worth taking!


Michelle Medlock Adams is a best-selling author and an award-winning journalist, earning top honors from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Hoosier State Press Association to name a few.


Author of over 100 books with more than 4 million books sold, Michelle is also a New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter and has won more than 90 industry awards for her own journalistic endeavors.


7:05-7:50pm Matters of the Heart—Paula Peckham, moderator

Forever Home by Hope Toler Dougherty

Six Pack Days of Intention, the "Days of..." Series, Book 3 by Sharon D. Tweet

An Unexpected Gift by Melissa Wardwell

Home Away From Home by Penny Frost McGinnis

New Embrace by Cindy Ervin Huff



7:50-8:30pm Starting Over Stories—Bettie Boswell, moderator

            Gyspy for God by Yvonne M. Morgan

            Letters to My Father by Crissie Ann Leonard

            The Choices She Made by Felicia Ferguson





Friday November 3     


6:05-6:45pm Kids’ Corner Panel—Burton Cole, moderator


            God’s ABCs by Joan C. Benson

            Roxie, the Traveling Rocker by Becky Van Vleet

            Guess How Much God Loves You by Karen Ferguson


6:45-7:25pm Keeping it Real (Nonfiction) Panel—Shannel Taylor, moderator

The Crab Mentality Disease by Wanda Currie

It's Not My Problem...Or Is It? From Nudge to Nonprofit by Bruce L Blumer

#WhereisJesusRN by Amanda Torre




7:25-8:05pm Speculative Fiction Panel-Julie Dearyan, moderator

Ohio Trail Mix—Betty Kulich’s story in this anthology

The Oasis King by Mark David Pullen 

When Legends Rise by Daphne Self 


8:10pm Angel Book Awards Presentation

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